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With over a decade in the apparel industry, Aayushmaa® excels in enhancing manufacturing facilities and providing tailored solutions. Our experienced team, with a background in senior roles and reputable consulting, focuses on boosting productivity and managing costs effectively. In the competitive apparel sector, we offer customized solutions to help businesses thrive. Founded with a passion for delivering exceptional results, Aayushmaa® specializes in product development, retail marketing, sourcing, production management, ERP, and ecommerce implementation, prioritizing the unique needs of each client.

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At Aayushmaa®, our mission is to fuel business success through tailored consulting services. Specializing in the fashion industry, we offer expertise in marketing, strategy, operations, certification, and monitoring. Despite challenges, we strive for growth by expanding into new markets and embracing technology while fostering a collaborative culture.

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About the Founder

Welcome to Aayushmaa® - where innovation meets tradition! Our founder, a Strategic Fashion Technologist with 8+ years of expertise, leads our mission to make a meaningful impact in the handloom and handicraft industry. Combining technology and fashion, we address the scarcity of quality handmade items for women. Beyond profit, we strive for genuine appreciation, tech excellence, and global expansion through data science. Armed with a postgraduate degree in Apparel Production from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), our founder brings a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and fashion excellence. Explore Aayushmaa® and connect with us for a meaningful discussion to discover endless possibilities!

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Prashant Kumar

Founder and Consultant


Aayushmaa® offers a diverse range of services, including marketing, strategy, finance, and more, tailored to help businesses achieve their goals. In the fashion industry, we prioritize collaboration, crafting transparent and results-driven solutions attuned to unique needs for success in this dynamic landscape.

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Strategic Sector Insight

Analyze challenges and opportunities for informed strategic decisions

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Strategic Talent and Tech Integration

Recruit diverse talent using technology, strategically connect with industry experts

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Strategic Quality-Driven Operations

Manage material sourcing and manufacturing for strategic efficiency, uphold global standards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aayushmaa® takes a collaborative consulting approach, tailoring transparent and results-driven solutions for clients' unique challenges. Explore our global shipping with transparent costs and quality craftsmanship, supported by accessible customer service via Instagram or WhatsApp at 8709414925 for a seamless fashion experience.






What are your core services in the fashion industry?

  • Comprehensive consulting, unbiased analysis, technical expertise, strategic hiring, and online promotion


How do you ensure quality in material sourcing and manufacturing?

  • Meticulous material selection, rigorous quality checks, and adherence to global standards.


What sets your business operations apart in the fashion industry?

  • Streamlined operations with a focus on efficiency, goal-oriented strategies, and maximizing investments.


Aayushmaa® serves as a center for excellence in skills and industry best practices within the apparel sector. Joining Aayushmaa® means teaming up with industry leaders in a vibrant and dynamic environment. If you are a motivated, detail-oriented, and energetic individual keen to advance your career, kindly send your resume to


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Aayushmaa® presents an innovative program dedicated to providing personalized education for children. Discover how our unique platform nurtures advanced skills, contributing to the creation of an improved society. Limited enrollment slots are available, so don't miss the opportunity to learn more about our initiative.


Personalized Education

Experience a tailored learning approach that caters to the individual needs and strengths of each child, ensuring optimal growth and development

Innovative Skill Cultivation

Our platform goes beyond traditional education, fostering innovative and advanced skills in children that are essential for success in the rapidly evolving world.

Limited Exclusive Seats

Join an exclusive community with limited seats available, ensuring a focused and engaging learning environment. Connect with us at

+91 77-99-001248 to secure your spot and receive more details.

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