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Our story

At Aayushmaa®, we find amazing inspiration in the talents of Indian artisans. But we're sad to see them facing challenges. The handloom and handicraft industry is an important part of our culture, and it's fading because it's not well protected. To help save these special parts of our culture, we're doing something small but really important.

Aayushmaa® was started by Shubham Bharti and Prashant Kumar. Their brand is named after their beloved son, and they want it to grow just like him.

Prashant Kumar is good with technology and learned a lot about fashion from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. He knows it's hard to find good handwoven clothes and unique handmade things for women.

Shubham Bharti is good at business and marketing. She has a degree from West Bengal University of Technology.

We realized there aren't many beautiful ready-to-wear handwoven clothes and handmade things to buy. So, because we love handmade things and want to help artisans, we made Aayushmaa®.

At Aayushmaa®, we want to make it easy for women to buy handwoven clothes and handmade things from home.

Our goal is not just about making money. We want people to really like what we do.

Our Mission:

We want to be really good with technology and have clients trust us.

Our Plan:

We'll keep making our systems better using data science. This will help stores and big brands all around the world.

We're not just in one place anymore. We're also in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and India. We're working with famous brands, factories, legal companies, luxury brands, and top software companies all over the world.

Welcome to Aayushmaa®, where we bring together creativity and new ideas to make amazing things happen.