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Our story

It is the incredible craftsmanship of Indian artisans that keeps us motivated & it's purely disheartening to acknowledge their increasing struggles. Today, the handloom and handicraft industry is fading and it’s because we fail to protect them. As a small step towards protecting these hidden jewels of our nation, we have decided to provide support to them.

AAYUSHMAA founded by Shubham Bharti and Prashant kumar is the namesake of their son. Their motto behind this is to see their brand grow just like their little one. 

Prashant Kumar, a software engineer by profession & technologist by heart has post-graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. As a technologist & husband, he is acquainted with the challenging process of finding well-fitted, finely tailored handloom clothes and unique handmade accessorize for women.

Shubham Bharti, an engineer by profession has post-graduated from the West Bengal University and technology. she is involved in international marketing and business development.

We’ve perceived that there is a dearth of beautiful, ready-to-wear handloom clothes and handmade accessories in the market. With love for handcraft & passion for the revival of artisans, We’ve launched AAYUSHMAA. 

The idea behind Aayushmaa is to purvey women the comfort of choosing handloom clothes and handmade accessories sitting from her home.

Hopefully, it will be loved because we are working not to just earn but to be loved as well.


To work as a leading Tech Leader while developing trust with clients. 


Continuous improvement in the system using the data science approach for the world’s retailers and brands.


We have expanded our reach in Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, and India and have subsequently moved into new areas. We delivered various types of projects for top-class brands and factories, to legal companies, international Luxury brands, and even to world-class software firms.

Welcome to AAYUSHMAA