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Delivering a no-nonsense way of solutions perspective on the challenges and opportunities and reports on all aspects of the fashion and shipping industry the good, the bad and the beautiful.

Technical service in ship recycling industry

We provide technical service in the ship recycling industry. we have a team of experienced senior naval architects for the preparation of the cutting plan and the lightship weight estimation for the ship, which is going to be recycled.

Recruitment and Digital marketing

Recruitment and Digital marketing are premier resource for us .we use new technologies to provide better solutions especially for fashion & shipping Industry. It utilises not only the various employers and technical experts but also the vast human resources of various educational institutions.

Sourcing and Inspection

We focus on each stage of production and sourcing to provide better end products with excellent manufacturing technology, Optimize search techniques and quality inspection approach. Testing is done as per world’s standards.

Management Practices

To determine the strategic priorities and to optimise business processes with a view to maximising Return on Investment (ROI).

Research and Training

We have an in-depth knowledge of the fashion & shipping industry verticals, and we are capable to provide training and further research to establish fair and consistent targets for every operations highlighting best methods and promoting superior quality. Like Leans, TQM, Six Sigma FPM many More.


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